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The Difference Between

What is the difference between crush and like?

The difference between having a crush on someone and liking someone:

If you have a crush on someone, it means that you find their physical appearance attractive.

If you like someone, it means that you like their personality traits; not to do with appearance.

Middle Ages

How did the Church help the people in Medieval Times?

The only one I can think of is that they gave people help by caring for the people who were sick.... so... please can anyone tell me anymore reasons??? If you could, I would REALLY appreciate it :)

Book Search

What do the characters look like in holes?

X-Ray is black and has glasses, Armpit is black and fat, Zig-Zag is white and has blonde, crazy hair, Magnet is Asian and tall with very little hair, Zero is very small black with almost afro hair and he has dark brown eyes, Stanley is overweight but gets thin and he has brown hair and is white. The warden has red hair, Mr.Sir is weird and mr pendanski is tiny. There u go :)))

Books and Literature

What book will you find things out in?

Any reference book or textbook will teach you something. It depends on what you want to learn!

Louis Sachar

What is the inciting incident of Holes by Louis Sachar?

When a pair of famous shoes assumingly "fell from the sky" and landed on Stanley's back, knocking him over. It turns out, that near the end of the story, it was actually Zero who had stolen them from homeless shelter. He had no idea that they were famous because he couldn't read the label that said "Clyde Livingston".


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