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What electricity doesn't derive its energy from the sun?

Most of the energy we use on Earth ultimately derive from solar radiation. The exceptions are:

* Nuclear energy.

* Geothermal energy.

* Tidal energy.

So, any power plant that generates energy based on these would NOT derive energy from the Sun.

What is a gasoline engine?

That's an engine that burns gasoline, to produce motion. Many car engines use gasoline as fuel.

What is a action at a distance force?

That refers to a force that acts even when the object involved don't touch one another directly.

Such forces include gravity, the electric force, and the magnetic force.

Why doesn't a pure liquid vaporize all at once when the boiling point is reached?

That's because it requires a lot of energy to convert the liquid to the vapor phase - even for just converting (for example) water at 100 °C to water vapor that is also at 100 °C.

So, for example, once the water is at the boiling point (around 100 °C, depending on the exact air pressure), you need to add A LOT of heat to convert all the water to water vapor; in fact, much more than you needed to heat the water up to 100 °C.