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The next number is 1,3,6,10,15,21?

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Kaplan Inc. had 100,000 in unit sales during the last quarter of last year. Managers expect the sales to increase by 10% each quarter over the next four quarters.

The selling price is expected to remain the same for the next four quarters at $2 per unit.

What is the quarter-specific budgeted sales revenue for the 4th quarter of the coming year?

A. $260,000




What is Cody Simpson's favorite animal?

turtle well turtles aren't everyone favorite animal so yeah but who cares about my opinion because nobody likes me i have like zero friends please help me get some friends
Turtle or dolphin. :)

What is Online Reservation System?

Ticket Booking System is an online bus ticketing system designed to automate online ticket purchasing. Easy to install and use a CW bus booking system. Our Online Reservation System is software designed to automate the online ticket booking system process. Run your Online bus ticketing System business smoothly with the automated system by organizing the booking process easily and smartly.CW ticketing system is an online ticket booking system or online reservation system to manage ticket booking process for bus, train, taxi, cable car, etc. The online bus ticketing system helps travelers ticket booking systems from anywhere with mobile apps, or from the website and choose their preferred available seats easily.

Where are Fox from?

They are from North America, and can be found in grasslands in states such as Montana and Colorado.

How much can Tiger Woods bench?

he can bench press 225

Tiger woulds can bench press 190lbs.