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Bret Cummings asked in World Series, Major League Baseball (MLB), Baseball, Baseball History

What are the strangest things to happen during the MLB World Series?

Leann Raynor
Since the first MLB World Series in 1903, dozens of strange, notable, or downright bizarre moments have occurred during the Fall Classic. Here are a few of the most unusual: A guy parachuted onto the field. In Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, then-37-year-old Michael Sergio decided to show his allegiance to the New York Mets by parachuting onto the field. Ron Darling gave him a high five, but Sergio was found guilty of criminal...
Francesca Feil asked in Nutrition, Desserts, Snacks, and Treats, Chips

Can green potato chips make you sick?

Leann Raynor
Technically, yes, but you’d have to eat such a large amount of them that it’s not worth worrying about. First, let’s understand why parts of potatoes turn green. Potatoes, for the most part, are grown underground, but occasionally, a small part might be exposed to sunlight. Those exposed parts turn green as chlorophyll begins to form. Although most of these colorful outliers don’t make it onto the grocery store shelves, the occasional green potato might go...