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Religion & Spirituality

Why are the last days of Jesus important to Christians?

Because in last days of Jesus, is where all the important events that to lead to his crucifixion and eventually redeeming the world from sin took place.

Flying Mammals

Why can't humans fly?

humans don,t have wings and don't have fuuucking bird bones

DC Comics

How does Alfred feel toward robin specifically Damian Wayne?

Like all of Batman's sons he cares and love's him. He understands that a lot of Damian's aggressive behavior comes from being raised by the league, he feels sympathy for the boy for never having a normal child hood and I think he sees a lot of Bruce in him. All an all he knows under that hard sell Damian is just a good kid, maybe a bit lost at times but his heart is in the right place.

Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

What does Joe Frazier do?

Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

What are your thoughts on Joe Frazier?


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