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What are the dance steps of pangalay?

Pangalay is a traditional Tausug dance characterized by elaborate body postures and gestures and the graceful arm and hand movement of the dancer, amplified by the use of janggay or metal claws. ... Commonly referred to as the fingernail dance, Pangalay is usually performed during weddings and other festive celebrations.

What was the name of the Korean movie in which a couple makes love in a restaurant at the start of the film it was on YouTube probably back in 2012,2013 .the girl who makes love with her boyfriend is wearing a red dress at the start of the film?

My P.S. Partner) is a 2012 South Korean romantic comedy film, starring Ji Sung and Kim Ah-joong. It is about a woman who in an attempt to spice up her five-year relationship, tries to have phone sex with her boyfriend but accidentally gets another man on the line instead.

What is the highest common factor of 112 qnd 392?

The highest common factor of 112 qnd 392 is 56

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