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Is there a way to see all car and trucks at on Craigslist at once?

Onecraigs allows you to search all of the cities/states in the entire Craiglist website or each individual state with one query for the items you are looking to find whether it's a car/truck/motorcycle, tools and materials for your business, a new job, a house or apartment

Online Shopping

Is there a way to search all eBay sites for different countries at once?

Yes there is a way which is the fastest way for eBay shopping from all countries (

eShopFirst - Your First Home For Shopping From All eBay Sites

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How it works?

We would like to introduce and inform you about the latest eBay affiliate website: eShopFirst, the No.1 and first Reference for a professional eBay shopping in the world. This professional website has collected all possible eBay websites in one place and is equipped with an eBay search engine that searches all eBay domains at once to help you easily find all your items and hobbies. Smartly take advantage of all eBay domains to increase your chance of finding the best deals with lowest possible price as well as highest quality available on eBay.

Would you like to bargain on an item?

That's fine, just click on Hits (Hits) and choose Best Offer (Bargain) and you can negotiate with the seller for a lower price!

Would you like to have a secure shopping from higher rated sellers?

Click on Hits (Hits) and purchase items from higher rated sellers with green stars (✹Feedback) with high positive feedback ranges like 99-100%.

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Want to browse 100 pictures of your searched term on eBay?

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George Clooney

What was George Clooney's salary for the movie Gravity?

$14 Million as a deal as part of the proceeds.

"Because they didn't want to pay us, they gave us percentages of the movie, 'cause they thought it was gonna be a flop, and that ended up being a very good deal," Clooney recently told GQ of his profits from the blockbuster hit, which went on to gross $723 million worldwide. As a rich, famous bachelor without familial ties (he'd only just met his future wife, Amal Clooney), he decided to pay his good fortune back to the chosen family that had helped him as a struggling actor.

George Clooney used Gravity profits to surprise friends with $1 million gifts

Cooking Measurements

How many oz equal in a cup?

A cup is a form of measurement of a liquid or dry substance. The ounce to cup ratio is roughly eight ounces for each dry cup of measured medium (flour, salt, sugar).


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