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Which subjective method is best to measure human activity of adults discuss in detail?

There are 3 subjective methodes of measuring human behaviour.

1. Self-report questionnair

2. Dairy methode

3. Behavioural observation.

In my opinion Behavioural observation is the best way to measure human activity. Behavioural observation is aim to collect data about physical activity behaviour. In this methode, we can observer the beahviour of a patient or a subject during any perfomance regarding the activity, sposed by psychlogist.

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How skewness can effect on analysis of a study?


The effect of skewness on specific level maximum likelihood test statistics based on normal theory in multilevel structural equation model. Structural equation modeling has become an important and widely used analysis approach in social and behavioral science.

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How can we avoid skewness in a data?

Log transform. Log transformation is most likely the first thing you should do to remove skewness.



What are the benefit of inferential statistics in Psychology?


hina hameed

It helps to draw the conclusion about a large population .


What do sport psychologists do answer any role with example?

Sports psychologists work with athletes and couches to improve performance and increase motivation. Help the athletes to cope up on the pressure of competition, which give them a potential to beat the opposite team easily.. the sports psycholgist give them potential to recover from their injuries too and helps to control over anxiety.


Couches focus on phycial activity of athelets while sport paychlogist work to deal with athletes mind...


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