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Christopher Columbus

Are aliens real or not?

Since there are a vast amount of galaxies, stars, planets, and even universes!, there are bound to be other extra-terrestrial life forms roaming about. In fact, scientists have created an equation to determine the possibility of life elsewhere than earth {the drake equation}. As early as today, we are finding out more about our universe. Astronomers have detected phosphine gas on Venus { meaning possible life.}. I hope this answer finds you well, good-bye!

Religion & Spirituality

What are the beliefs of Roman Catholic?

It has Never taught the real Second Comandment, and tells their followers to pray to dead friends and relatives, also to ones they have slanged as saints. then they teach that GOD dose not answer prayers anymore. Yet this Second Commandment requires that we Pray to GOD and only to GOD; or prayers will Not be answered. Mathew 23:9 requires tha we Never call anyone "father" here on earth. They certainly are Not obeying this!

Adam Sandler

What is the worst movie you have ever seen?

Super Grover 2.0 (2012) When Sesame City is under the hands of Huxley, it's up to Grover to save the day....but first, he has to team up with Caillou and Sid The Science Kid, his two former arch-nemeses.

This movie's GARBAGE! It's the worst superhero movie I've ever seen...that even Huxley (the bad guy) hired the Incredibles to serve as his....MINIONS! Why would he turn our favorite family of supers to evil grouches! What a dud.

Natural Disasters

How tall was the tsunami wave in japan 2011?

40 meters

United States of America
United States

In your opinion, should Mitch McConnell be re-elected?

No! The reason I say this is because of his lack of concerns for the middle class and the poor in America! His affiliation and concerns for Trump and less concerns of his office (of the people) contributed to the division within the United States! I am for the first time in my 65 years appalled as to the way in which Congress have coiled up like little scared children under this administration (Trump) have fragmented and polluted the United States into an symbol of dictatorship! This is the administration which have made me want to move to Canada! It appears they are more concerned about there economy, environmental protection and most of all the health of their people overall much more than Mitch McConnell the people sitting in Congress. These people are not leaders but rich, followers of division and cruel demonstrators of holding positions with unconscious feelings. Congress have forgotten the constitution, article’s and the what a Minority Leader in the House really stands for and the whole Republican office needs to be cleaned and filled with a whole overturned and maybe there will be a redemption for the people!!


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