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Gift Giving

What is a Good birthday present for 21 year old boy?

Get him a gift card to a store or the mall


Birthday gift for 11 year old boy?

Try doing something different and exciting, instead of the usual wrapped-up-in-a-box gift. It would be fun and memorable to have a magician or cosplay super heroes at a birthday party. Try going to bit.ly/1ICWULL to browse some really cool performers that an 11 year old boy would love.

Jonas Brothers

Would Nick Jonas date you?

In an August 2008 interview with Parade magazine, Nick Jonas was asked who the special lady in his life was. He replied his mother. It looks like Nick would rather not talk about dating so it would be hard to tell if he would date you.

Here is a quote:

"Getting back to that rumor mill, the thing that kind of cracks us up at the end of the day is that people are so interested in my 15-year-old dating life. I do date. Dating is great. I love girls! But I try to keep it to myself. I'm open about a lot of things in my life, including my diabetes. But when it comes to my dating life, I keep that quiet."

Selena Gomez

What is Selena favorite Thanksgiving?

if you are asking thanks giving food then its stuffing

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