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  • Malcolm X
  • Human Rights

Was Malcolm X tall?

Malcom X was 6 Foot 3.5 Inches Tall

  • Home & Garden
  • Home Depot

What does Lowes look like?

It is a white pill

  • Chickens and Roosters
  • Paradox and Antithesis

What cames first egg or chicken?

The egg came first because chickens are the distant cousins of dinosaurs. The dinosaurs evolved and one day a dinosaur layed an egg and inside was a chicken. Therefore the egg came first.

  • Tia & Tamera Mowry

Is Tia dead?


  • Math and Arithmetic

How do you you make 7 and 11 even?

they are already even!

7 and 11 are the same as 7 plus 11.

7 plus 11 is 18!

18 is even!