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What are people suppose to notice as they do Mindfulness, is it working or not so far for them?

What are the stuff anyone suppose notice as they do Mindfulness? So they know is it working or not. Even natural, it either working or not working. So that even when they don't have any bad or uncomfortable things or situation to face(well what each person would consider in their mind) as giving a try. It is working, not working or natural. Even in daily life, it don't over whelm or feel something. When they do stuff they have done so many many times like brush teeth make a meal, watch TV, etc..... Some might consider it for no reason, or there is a reason, but they don't know why the feeling happening. Also is the person doing something wrong or how they go about it wrong. Of course it not just enjoyment or fun stuff like playing a video game, watching TV, going window shopping, hanging out with friend(s), etc.... One can't kind of not care or be like even listening to music.
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Is There Really No Such Thing As Hope In The Real World/Life?

Is it true there is no such thing as Hope in life and the real world? That things either happen no matter what or not at all? So a person can say or think these, it like so what: - Hope he or she will not get mad, what I have to say. - I hope I will never have cataract or any other eye problem. - Hope all the people I know very well, will not have any major health problems. - Hope this weekend will not rain - Hope I will not have any sibling relationship problem(s) at any age, even in later adulthood. - Hope the team will make it to the World Series. Those are some examples, all of you probably can think up more different kinds of hope. But is it hope exist more in the fictional world and can happen there. When a fictional character hopes. The ONLY way it will not is when novel, TV show or movie is too realistic.

When Do People Still Buy Needs When The Price Too High?

I know that needs are stuff we all need to live and survive on like Food, clothes to keep us warm, shelter, etc.... But when is it people still buy needs when price has gone up or still not a good price. Even if it has not gone up too much as the new price. How does one tell it not a good price, sale or no sale? Say for example IF the price was to go up this much, from it real price. sack of rice that 25lb at $85, use to be $25.99, a 50lb at $99.99, use to be $34.99. Two 1 gallon of 2% Fat free milk at Costco is $10.99, use to be $5.49 for 2 1gallon. A half gallon of 2% Fat free milk at Safeway is $6.49, use to be $2.99. A pair of jeans that $35.99, use to be $14.99. Not just those stuff also like beef, pork for basic stair fry, toothpaste, shampoo, wheat bread, over the counter meds, jacket, T-shirts, shoes, etc..... I could list more stuff as examples. But you should get the idea. NOTE: The use to be price is the real current price. When do people say it too much on some of the needs for daily life. But still have to get it. When not going to get it wait and see the price, might come a little or some? No matter the income level outside of the Mega Rich and Mega Poor., Just the Low Income, Lower Middle Class, Middle Class and the Upper Middle Class. IT NOT SUDDENLY MOST PEOPLE GOT TO GO THE CHEAP WAY. Like shop at Grocery Outlet, Ross, Smart And Final, Marshall, Goodwill, other thrift stores, Big 5, certain Mom and Pop stores(for your culture stuff). MAYBE NO Safeway, Costco, Lucky's, Target, Hollister, JcPenny's, Macy's, Foot Locker, H&M, etc..... for time being or however long, because of price? No going out to eat, ordering take out, buying a pound of Sweet And Sour Pork or something for the time being. Need To /Got To go for Food Stamp? The government has to create some kind stamp or voucher for clothing and other daily life use things. When is it also still got to buy it, or you're not going to eat or take care or yourself with that like toothpaste, over the counter meds, prescription eyeglasses and all the other stuff, shampoo, etc.... Because of price. How would you or anyone plan it out. So it works and NOT wasting or spending too much money.

When Do Collectors Slow Down Or Start To Stop?

What I'm talking about is when do collectors, who are fans something(s) like James Bond, Disney, Star Trek, Batman, Indiana Jones, Superman, certain comic books, Star Wars, or collects lot of DVDs/Blu-rays, etc..., when do they stop or slow down? Even sometime say never have this one or that one is ok? When do they say I just have way too much as a fan. When do collectors stop and just declutter, like people who buy a lot of stuff for use. But are not collector stuff. Do they wait till they are getting old say at 67-70 something. What do they do with the stuff? Like that person who call himself Cereal At Midnight on YouTube, he collects lots of of DVDs/Blu-rays. Way more then what I have, he even has a mega custom made media shelf. I'm also a James Bond, Disney and real world Spy/Special Ops fan. But I don't collect nearly as much as people shown on Collector's Call and other shows. I'm even ok if I miss something or don't buy it, even I got the money for it.

Is Everything Really Connected In This World?

How is that everything are connected to each other in this world and in anyway? That is what some people say, and some also say even when they have no relation they are connected. Last of all they have cause and affect to each other even when not related in anyway. How can that be that they are connected and can have cause and affect to each other. Like say for example these things: -A person win $50.00 from a lottery scratchers -A person has a minor trip and fall on a unfix public street, and get a road rash knee -A family in the state of Washington finds a good deal online for a one week tip to Walt Disney World 5-6 months early for when they want to go. -A computer user in San Jose Ca, get a major malware on his or her computer at home from a website -A person in San Francisco, Las Vegas or New York forgets to return a book to the library now the fine is $1-$2.50 area -A shopper was able to find a out of print movie on DVD or Blu-ray for a good used price -A working subway car is stuck in the between stop. The other one that went ahead 7 minutes earlier has broken down. -A person steps on dog dong, will on his or her exercise walk -A person always second guessing himself and others and looks to like to have the last words(not noticing that) -A stoke victim is still struggling to recover and walk and stand after almost Five and half years -A person who has Generalized Anxiety Disorder is having all kinds of stuff pop into his or her head. Even when the people of the happening/situation never even knew each other so how. I could listed more examples and you probably could have though up more also. I have heard this or saw it as an answer on another person's question of the same thing. Either on Yahoo Answer or Answers No. That is just a simplistic statement which acknowledges the fact that most actions have effects which are often unexpected. What doe that really mean, like simplistic statement, etc.....

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