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Planet Mars

When was Mars founded?

mars was discovered in 1543

Playground Games

Is there an actual strategy to winning Rock, Paper, Scissors?

Although technically Rock, Paper, Scissors is considered a game of chance, there are a few patterns to keep in mind that could give you a leg up on your competition.

Men are statistically more likely to throw rock first, whereas women are more likely to start with scissors. Further, if someone wins on a particular throw, they are more likely to start with the same choice in the next round. Similarly, if they lose, they’re likely to start throwing with the next item of the sequence. Ergo, if someone loses with rock, they’re most likely to start the next round with paper. Also, if a competitor throws the same sign consecutively, they are very unlikely to throw the same sign a third time, allowing you to rule out one possibility on the final throw.

Finally, making it a best 3 out of 5 is a good place to start improving your odds.

History of Africa
African-American History

Is thomas aquinas a Democrat or a Republican?


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