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How have international aid groups attempted to combat the global water crisis?

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By funding governments' efforts to identify new sources of water

How long do Frog live?

About five years! lol i answered my own question.

I dont really care ha ha

Another Answer:

I have answer this question. My African Dwarf frogs (at least I think that's what they are). Albino and clawed are 22 years old! I don't know if I'm signed on with my kids account or my own, but I'm 32, I got them when I was ten. They are in a small aquarium, no filter and eat fish food.

What is one important factor about the GEOGRAPHY of Ancient Greece?

Volcanic activity and its associated effects of earthquakes, tidal waves, ash clouds etc. is a major factor in the geographic form of Greece and any other island nation.

Where does Tiger Woods live now?

Tiger Woods lives in Windermere Florida, outside of Orlando.