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Did kageyama and Hinata kiss?

no they don't kiss but i wish they did
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How many words can you make out of the word reading?

ding, read, ad, ring, gin, in, darn, red, rad, ear, dear, aid, and, grade, earn, dig, dare, daring, drag, rag, ring, near, danger, engrid, grid, ranged, gained, gain, regain, garden, rained, ringed, rain, girned, grin, dinger, gainer, earing, reding, regina, gradin, gander honestly, around the part where it gets to danger is where I cheat. lmao. I gave up and search it up...
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Find the sum of the opposite of -18 and its additive inverse?

the opposite of negative 18 is positive 18. It's just like absolute value. |-18| is 18 because 18 is 18 steps away from 0 so is -18 like how it is 18 away from 0 and not -18 away from 0. -18 away from 0 is not a thing. So therefore, the opposite of negative 18 is positive 18 because the opposite of negative is postitve....
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Is silence a sound?

obviously not. lmao why would silence be a sound? if there is no sound, then it's called silence and bald is a hairstyle ;p...
Winfield Wuckert asked in Miles Davis, Jazz Music

Which are the best songs for concentrating at work?

lofi music obvi. jk listen to whatever helps you concentrate