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keep the states united as one country.

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Q: Abraham Lincoln was president during the American Civil War He felt strongly that one of his main duties as president was to?
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Which American President issued the Emancipation Proclamation?

It was issued by US president Abraham Lincoln.

Tallest American president?

Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president. He was 6'4".

Whitman was fond of what American president?

Abraham Lincoln

Was Nancy Lincoln African American?


Who was the President during Abraham Lincoln's presidency?

Abraham Lincoln was the president when Abraham Lincoln was the president.

What war did president Abraham Lincoln in?

The American Civil War.

Who was the American President who fought for the freedom of slaves?

Abraham Lincoln

What American president stopped slavery in America?

Abraham Lincoln.

Who was the first American president to fight for slavery?

abraham lincoln

Whose picture is on American pennies?

President Abraham Lincoln

What is the name of Thomas Lincolin's father?

Thomas Lincoln's father was actually named Abraham Lincoln. The American President, Abraham Lincoln was named after him.

Is Abraham Lincoln short?

Lincoln was the tallest American president, at 6 ft 4 in.