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The number of seats each State is apportioned in the House of Representatives is determined by the state's population as a percentage of the total US population, as recorded by the most recent decennial (every ten years) US Census.

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The number of US Representatives is based on population, but each state is guaranteed at least 1 seat. Since the total was fixed at 435 in 1929, subsequent reapportionments have added seats for some states and reduced seats for others.

Following the 2010 Census, California retained its 53 seats but Texas gained 4 seats to total 36. New York state lost 2 seats, while Florida gained 2 seats, and both now have 27. These are the four states with the largest numbers of US Representatives.

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It is determined by the population of the specific state.

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  1. 435 Representatives are divided using the latest US census of population.
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Q: How does Congress determine how many representatives each state has in the House of Representatives?
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