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the committees of correspondence

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The first continental congress was first.

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what are you

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Q: What happened first the committees of correspondence or the second continenetial congress formed?
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Where did the Committees of Correspondence take place?

It took place in Boston, New York because that's where the Boston Tea Party happened.

When did Congress of Estonia happen?

Congress of Estonia happened in 1990.

When did the Continental congress happened?

It happened on September 5th, 1774

When did Congress of the Animals happen?

Congress of the Animals happened in 2011-05.

When did Democratic Constituent Congress happen?

Democratic Constituent Congress happened in 1992.

Why was the committees of correspondence created?

It was made because the colonists of America wanted to keep each other informed about important events. An example is when and where the British were going to attack or what will the British tax next?

What happened to congress in 1783?

Treaty of Paris

What happened first Jefferson plans the declaration or the second continental congress formed?

Second continental congress is formed

What happened ar the first contanental congress?

yoo mama

What happened in Congress on April 11 1783?

Treaty of Paris

When congress raised tariffs in the 1920s and 1930s what happened?


What happened as a result of the Stamp Act congress?

e. All of the above