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current, in good standing, etc.

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Q: When a borrower pays the delinquent amount on a loan and resumes making regular payments the loan is considered?
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How can a Delinquent timeshare be reported as a foreclosure?

A timeshare is a similar contract to a house and requires regular payments. This can be reported as a foreclosure if you have abandoned payments and the company is taking back their property.

What one of these describes a bond?

A bond is a type of investment that represents a loan made by an investor to a borrower, typically the government or a corporation. Bonds have a maturity date when the borrower repays the principal amount along with interest to the investor. Bondholders receive regular interest payments until the bond reaches maturity.

What is the difference between a reverse mortgage and a regular home equity loan?

A reverse mortgage is a home loan taken out by a senior home owner that requires no loan payments for as long as the borrower remains living in the house.

What will happen if you close a credit card that has an outstanding balance?

You can close a credit card account at any time, regardles of whether there's a balance left on the account. If it's not past due, you simply make regular monthly payments. If it's delinquent and the creditor hasn't already closed the account for you, you'll probably also make monthly payments on the balance. In some cases of severely delinquent accounts, you can agree to pay one final lump sum, usually less than the total amount owed. However, this will appear unfavorably on your credit reports, as will "account closed by credit grantor". Regardless, it's probably a good idea to close the account, particularly if it's delinquent.

Preferred stock and bonds are similar because?

Preferred stocks and bonds are similar because they both receive regular payments from the company. With preferred stocks, one will receive regular dividend payments from the company. For bonds, one will receive interest payments on the debt that is owed by the company.

Which investment option guarantees payments at regular intervals after retirement?


What is the definition of a structured settlement?

When an individual comes into a large sum of money, it is considered wise to prefer smaller cash payments over an extended period of time rather than take on cash payout. These regular payments are usually safer for the person receiving the payout and also easier for the payer to handle.

What is balloon payments?

A balloon payment is a large, lump sum payment made either at specific intervals, or more commonly, at the end of a long-term balloon loan. Balloon payments are most commonly found in mortgages, but may be attached to auto and personal loans as well.

Must you have a regular income to qualify for a debt consolidation loan?

Yes, you do have to have employment to be considered for a debt consolidation loan. You would have to prove to the financial institution with whom you are applying that you will be able to make the payments on this type of loan.

Disadvantages of term loan?

ØPenalty Agreements: The agreements for term loans often contain penalty clauses. These clauses give the issuing bank the right to issue additional charges if the borrower is late or deficient in payments. Since people who take out term loans generally do so because they cannot afford a regular loan, this is not desirable.

When a borrower makes a regular monthly payment to their primary mortgage the amount of the payment that is applied by the lender to reduce the outstanding balance is called what?


What is paying on a regular basis at a set time each month or parts of a year?

installment payments