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Q: American history What is your reaction to the lengths taken to keep the races apart?
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What type of chemical reaction is it when hydrogen peroxide break apart to form water and oxygen?

The reaction where hydrogen peroxide breaks apart to form water and oxygen is a decomposition reaction.

What is the chemical reaction where molecule is broken apart?

This is a chemical decomposition reaction.

Which term identifies a reaction that break apart macromoleclues?

Hydrolysis is the term that identifies a reaction that breaks apart macromolecules by adding water and breaking chemical bonds.

What term identifies a reaction that breaks apart macromolecules?


What does it mean to be apart of history?

To be remembered in the future.

What word would you use to describe the reaction water uses to break apart large molecules?

monomer reaction

When a nucleus absorbs a neutron and then breaks apart there are many products of the reaction . Which of these is not a product of a nuclear fission reaction?


Are gold and diamonds in South Africa apart of its history?

Yes, at least its recent history.

A reaction in which a compound breaks apart to produce two or more elements or compounds is what kind of reaction?

The reaction you are describing is a decomposition reaction. In this type of reaction, a single compound breaks down into two or more simpler substances.

Who was apart of the American revolution?

liberty boys

Reaction that break apart large molecules are involved in which type of digestion?


What type fo chemical reaction occurs when polymers are broken apart by water?

Hydrolysis is the chemical reaction that occurs when polymers are broken apart by water. This reaction involves the addition of water molecules to the polymer chain, causing it to break into smaller units.