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Q: How did the colonists in Jamestown solve their initial problems?
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How did captain John Smith solve the problems at Jamestown?

John Smith toldall people to work.

How did captain smiths solution help solve the colonists problems?

Smith did very little to solve any problems. He was a man that was an braggart, lier, and adventurer. He came to Jamestown on the second ship, took control of the fort and was so unpopular that he had gunpowder sprinkled on him at night and set on fire. He had to go home for treatment of his burns. Later, he wrote a book telling of his adventures and his administration of Jamestown. He lied in the book about his importance.

How did john smith help the colonists?

captain john smith's solution helped solve the colonists problems by teaching them to work

How did Sir Edwin Sandys try to solve the labor shortage in Jamestown?

Sandys tried to solve the labor shortage in Jamestown by promoting the creation of families in Jamestown.

How did the colonists try to solve their problems in the declaration of independence?

Are there other answers to this? I'm trying to study and no one seems to know what the gauldarn answer is!

What did John Smith do to solve problems in Jamestown?

John Smith told people that if you don't work, you don't eat, so if he wouldn't of said that sentence, then Jamestown might have been a place where people just ate for living.

Did catherine of aragon solve any of henrys problems?

no she did not solve any of his problems

How sir Edwin Sandys tried to solve the labor shortage in Jamestown through?

Promoting family system in jamestown

Sir Edwin Sandy tried to solve the labor shortage in Jamestown through?

Promoting family system in jamestown

How do you solve problems quickly?

To solve problems quickly you must have simple but effective method.

Can technology solve problems?

Yes, technology can solve problems. Unfortunately, if technology is not used wisely, it can also create problems.

How did Martin Luther King Jr solve the problems?

He did not solve them. He highlighted them. The problems still exist.

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