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No, the Black Panthers Party is not a gang, they are a revolutionary.

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Q: Is the black panthers party a gang?
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Was the black panther party considered a gang?

You mean is the Black Panthers Party considered a gang, because they still exist to this day. But no the Black Panthers Party is not a gang, they are a revolutionary.

What rappers are in the Black Panthers Party?

2Pac(Black Panthers Party)Ice Cube(Black Panthers Party)OMG(Black Panthers Party)-Ice Cube's son.Doughboy(Black Panthers Party)-Ice Cube's son.

How do you contact the black panthers?

The Black Panther Party was dissolved in 1982.

Was Barack Obama a member of the Black Panthers party with Huey Newton in the 1960s'?

No. He was born in 1961. He has no ties to the Black Panthers.

Who is Elbert Howard from the Black Panthers?

A founding member of the Black Panther party

When was the Black Panthers created?

The Black Panther Party was created in October 1966.

When was black panthers created?

The Black Panther Party was created in October 1966.

Do they still have the black panther party?

Yes, the Black Panthers Party is still very well alive and active.

When was black panther's population the lowest?

Since this section is about nature and animals I assume you mean the wild black panthers, not the Afro-American gang. Black "panthers" are merely the dark mutation of the regular leopard, and they do have faint spots. The present-day population of black panthers, like all the big cats, is the lowest it has ever been. I believe most of the black panthers are in captivity in zoos.

What political party was formed to fight against police brutality in the ghetto?

Black Panthers

What does it mean if you dream of black wolves and one white wolf?

Could have something to do with racial tensions or people of different races either in harmony or conflict. If you dreamt of Black Panthers, well that is obvious. The Black Panthers were essentially a gang of Black militants in the late sixties. Some humor was injected when a newscaster reported that ( a former member of the Black Panther Gang Snarled at the Judge! when on trial.

Are there any black panthers?

Panthers are black...only black.

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