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you cant everything you buy in a bottle needs a bottle

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Q: How do you buy a bottle when your a kid in the Ocarina of time?
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Can you learn warp songs as a kid in Zelda ocarina of time?

no but you can learn it as an adult and use it back in time as a kid

Where can you find an Ocarina?

you get the ocarina as a kid. . .you get the fairy ocarina from saria when you try to leave the forest after beating the deku tree level, the ocarina of time comes after you beat jabu jabus belly... if u need the ocarina of time head for the castle, and it will go into a screen play where kid Zelda throws it into hyrule castles moat. dive down to get it and the go play the time song in the temple of time

What if you forgot your scare crow song in ocarina of time?

become a kid and learn it or make a new one (also as a kid)

How do you get into the water temple as kid link in Zelda ocarina of time?

you need to get the zora tunic

How do you get Song of Storms off Zelda?

In Ocarina of Time, go to the windmill in Kakariko Village. Pull out the ocarina in front of the man. He will say that the ocarina reminds him of a kid(you) who played a song and ruined the windmill. He will then teach you the strange song. When you play it, it will say you learned the song of storms and then the windmill will speed up and the guy will know you are the kid with the ocarina.

How do you get saria?

You get Saria in Ocarina of Time by beating the Forest Temple. You get Saria's song from Saria when you are a kid.

How many gold skulltulas can you get as a kid in Ocarina of Time?

You can get 56 Gold Skulltulas as young Link.

Who is the Skull Kid in Majora's Mask?

He is the same skull kid you give the skull mask to in ocarina of time and the same skull kid you teach saria's song. He says at the end of the game you smell like the kid that thought him saria's song in the woods and doesn't recognize you.

Who do you sell the skull mask to in the legend of Zelda ocarina of time?

You sell it to the Skull Kid in Lost Woods.

How do you get a blue tunic for kid link in ocarina of time?

Unless u hak into oot, u kan't

Why do you have to beat the forest before you can be a kid again on ocarina of time?

Maybe so you get enough time to get used to playing as adult link

Zelda Ocarina of time where do i get epona's song when im adult?

U dont get it as an adult u get it at the ranch as a kid