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Once you are in Mordred's secret underground lab, you should feed the mouse to the robot owl, Merlin. Next you will PUSH hard through the dirt wall on the left, and go to the back entrance to the dungeon. If you didn't throw the switch in the dungeon (in the library), you will have to go back and do it first.

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The bars to the back of the dungeon cell are controlled by the dungeon switch. Go to the Mordred Museum (there's a coin in the fountain), get the library slip and open the secret passage in the castle library (Non-fiction section). Throw the switch and take the cheese. (The "dirt wall" in Mordred's lab can be pushed through.)

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Go to the castle and enter the door to your right. On the bottom floor, click on the paperwad, go down the secret stairs, and pull the lever.

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Q: How do you open the bars that are in Mordreds underground cave on astronights island on poptropica?
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Where is mordreds lab in poptropica?

Mordred's lab is in Astroknights Island and in between the hay.

How do you get through the block in Mordreds Hideout in astro knights island in poptropica?

you push through

How do you get the paper from the person inside the mill on astro knights island on poptropica?

You go into Mordreds lab and grab a paper and turn it into her.

How do you pick up one of Mordreds bombs on astro-knight island on poptropica?

You move Merlin to the bomb and click it. It's very simple.

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