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keep clicking your avatar like click click click very fast so you can win

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Q: How do you play the soup mini game that the guy gives you so you can get the t.v on wimpy island on poptropica?
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How do you get the jumbo caterpillar on wimpy boardwalk island Poptropica?

Win the every game on the boardwalk

What do you do when Greg is playing a game on wimpy island poptropica?

you take out your wizard card and use it

How do you skip the twisted wizard game in poptropica?

You can't. You have to finish it then you can continue the island. (Wimpy Wonderland)

How do you find the plane on Game Show Island in Poptropica?

the inventer gives it to you

How do you get the keychain on wimpy boardwalk for poptropica?

create a new game

Where is the Diary of a Wimpy Kid game on poptropica?

you face you fae

How do you get the no freeze on Wimpy Wonderland poptropica?

you have to get the CD from the bingo game

How do you help greg with his video game on diary of a wimpy kid island in poptropica?

U find thecheat book and it tells you.thats all im saying

How do you get the leaf blower to work in front of the laundry mat on wimpy wonderland island from the game poptropica.?

You don't use the leaf blower Manny will remove the snow.

Where do you go first when the guy gives you the jet on Game Show Island poptropica?

go to any island if you have not completed the game show for it leave main street last

What is the best island on Poptropica?

Use the link below to the Poptropica site to see the newest advertised island. No one else will know before the island is announced there. Cryptids Island opened in January 2011. Wimpy Wonderland opened (early) in March 2011. Red Dragon Island opened in June 2011. Shrink Ray Island opened in July 2011. Mystery Train Island opened in October, 2011. Game Show Island opened in November 2011. Ghost Story Island and SOS Island were scheduled for early 2012 release.

How do you get into the laundry mat wimpy poptropica?

one of the very last parts of the game