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cant you said it your self DEAD BATTERY NO TURNING IT ON

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Q: How do you turn on a psp when its in dead battery with out the charger?
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How do you turn on your psp without a battery and the charger?

It's only possible to turn on your PSP with an adapter for the PSP or a battery for the PSP.

Why does the psp doesn'twant to turn on?

if you were playing it wile it was charger u need a new battery

What comes in a PSP package?

Core pack: the psp, charger, charger block, the battery, the instructions.bundle: the psp, charger, charger block, the battery, the instructions, memory stick, the umd game/movie, the psp camera in some bundles

Your psp wont turn on and you don't have a Pandora battery or costem firmware?

This MAY work: take out the battery and just play with the charger in

How do you charge your psp up if your charger doesnt work and you cant even turn it on?

To get your psp up and running get a new charger, borrow one from a friend, or buy a new battery and plug it in. You can also get a charger that charges from batteries.

How do you charge a dead psp?

by a charger

Your PSP charger or PSP has stopped working you checked your PSP and PSP battery there was nothing wrong how do you check the charger?

Borrow a freinds charger or something, then you will be able to tell if it is the chrager that ain't working

How do you re-charge the Sony PSP Battery Pack 3.6v 1800mAh?

You put it in the charger when it is dead or near dead and allow it to charge for two hours.

Is Nintendo's Dsi battery charger compatible with psp?


Can you charge a PSP?

Yes you can charge a psp. Every packaged psp sold comes with a charger and battery.

Can a PSP work with out a PSP battery if you have a PSP 2000?

You can run a PSP without it having a battery, it's not very convenient though. It will only operate while it has the charger in.

How do you charge psp without charger when dead?

By the AC adapter supplied with the console. You can also charge it by using a USB cable ( not supplied ). The battery is external so you can always replace it if you lose or damage it. Since the battery is a lithium one i am sure you can find a lithium battery charger that is commonly used for camera's aswell. Hope this can help...