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When it goes red it means that skill can't go any higher, it's already at its max.

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Q: NBA2K11 - why can't I max out steal in the skill points section in the my player mode... I can only get it to 95 and then it turns red?
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Can a 6'3 my player in NBA2k11 dunk?

Probably. Max out the dunk skill points and see what happens. Mine is 6' and all I do is shoot 3's

How do you be a good shot blocker in my player nba2k11?

Two keys, increase your shot blocking ability in skill points and quick reactions but don't fall for fakes etc.

How do you Get unlimited skill points in nba2k11 for xbox360?

With a hack mod, quite confusing look on youtube for videos to assist you.

How do you get 99 overall in myplayer nba2k11 step by step?

Slowly increase the skill of your player in all stats.

What are skill points in Wii Sports Resort?

Skill points are a rough measure of how good a player is at a certain event, or at least how much he/has played it. After every game, the player is awarded (or penalized) a number of skill points, depending on how well he/she performed. After accumulating 1,000 skill points, the player is promoted to "Pro" class. In some events, the player can face off against an extremely skilled computer-controlled "Champion" after reaching around 1,500 skill points then at 2,000 skill points you become a superstar.

2k10 your player 99 overall?

If you want a 99 overall my player just play every day and get a lot of skill points also make your dude short so you get a lot of skill points

Can you get the cow plant on Sims 3?

Yes. You have to earn enough skill points and then you can unlock it in the "items" section

What are skill points in Wii sports?

Basicly Skill Points are how good you are in a Sport. If you Manage to get 1,000 Skill Points you reach PRO ranking

When do you become a star player in nba 2k12 my player?

To become a star player, you have to earn enough skill points and atributes to increase your rating.

Why you have skill points in nba 2k13 not vc?

Skill points is for offline (I think).

How do you get skill points for your baby Maplestory dragon?

You will get skill points for your dragon the same way normal players get skill points. When you level up, press K and assign skill points to your moves. Those moves will be cast by your dragon.

What do you do with player points in roblox?

Player points only serves to show your achievements and skill on a certain game. You cannot use it to buy things, so it may be considered by some as useless.