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you beat master hand. but in hard, very hard, and intense and do it under 9 minutes you beat master hand and crazy hand.

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Q: What happens if you reach the end of the race in classic mode in super smash bros?
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How do you get Zelda and link trofies on super smash?

you beat classic mode with them

Where is Super Smash Bros. but it looks in 64?

Uhhh.... the best place to get the original Super Smash Brothers is a classic gaming store or a flea market.

How can you unlock Mr Incredible in Super Smash Flash?

In Super Smash Flash, clear Classic Mode with the 13 original characters to unlock Mr. Incredible.

What happens when you beat Super Smash Bros Brawl?

Play Super Smash Bros Brawl with other players.

How do you get roy in super smash?

In SSBM, you have to beat him with Marth after you finish classic with Marth.

How can you get Master Hand in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?

Get to the end of classic mode.

How do you get shadow in Super Smash Bros flash?

You have to complete Classic mode with tails and Knuckels in Adventure mode and Classic mode

How do you unlock shadow in Super Smash Flash?

Complete tails in Classic mode and Knuckles in Adventure mode and Classic mode.

How do you get mrgamenwatch on Super Smash Bros. melee?

finish adventure, or classic with all the characters

How can you unlock target smash level 4 and 5 on super smash brawl?

You have to play Classic Mode on a harder difficulty level.

Can you be super sonic on ultimate flash sonic?

1. Beat classic with sonic.(Warning if you lose you have to complite classic with sonic again) What? that super smash flash you idiout!

How do you unlock Young Link in Super Smash Flash?

In Super Smash Flash, unlock Young Link by completing Classic Mode on any difficulty with Link.