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found it, his screen name was Durial123, and he was the source of the fally massacre . i wanted the song that was on the video on YouTube. xD but this guy was able to attack other plays in a non PvP area and caused alot of damage to people and the items they owned. sucks for them, but i got muh song =]

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Q: Who was the guy that hacked runescape and killed people outside of the wilderness?
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How do you pvp on RuneScape?

You go to the Wilderness and attack other players, until you kill them - or until you, yourself, are killed.

Can revenants kill non members runescape?

Yes, a non-member can go to the Wilderness, encounter a revenant, and get himself killed.

Why did RuneScape remove pking?

They did not - they simply did some changes. You can go into the Wilderness in any world, kill other players, or get killed by them.

What was the original Wilderness on Runescape like?

In the original Wilderness, one could attack other players and take their items if they killed them. There were no Revenants, so the most dangerous thing was other players.

Is bounty hunter for members only in runescape?

no it is no-member and is located in the wilderness, make sure you know how to play it before you start, it's very risky and you can easily be killed.

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What is the prize in bouty hunter in runescape?

What ever you can loot off your killed target.

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