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I think Link from twilight princess

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It depends, are they in the Twilight Realm or ?he World of Light?

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Q: Who would win link from ocarina of time or link from twilight princess?
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In Twilight Princess why doesn't link posses an Ocarina?

because link uses the howling stones to howl in his wolf form

Are the songs howled by Link in Twilight Princess the same songs in Ocarina of Time?

No. Not all of them, at least. Song of Healing, the first, is from Majora's Mask, but Requiem of Spirit is from Ocarina of Time. Prelude of Light and Zelda's Lullaby are also from Ocarina of Time. Goron Lullaby is from Majora's Mask and Wind's Requiem is from Wind waker. The Ballad of Twilight, the last wolf song is from Twilight Princess though.

Who is Epona in Zelda?

Epona is Link's noble horse. If you have found her you can summon her by playing epona's song with the ocarina. Or with a reed on twilight princess.

What questions do you have about the legend of Zelda a link to the past spirit tracks twilight princess phantom hourglass wind waker ocarina of time?


How tall would Link be in Twilight Princess?

maybe 6ft

What kind of wolf is link?

Wolf Link is a character that appears in the Nintendo computer game 'The Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess', 'Ocarina of Time' etc.A better question would be "What type of Link is Wolf Link?"For more information, see Related links below.

Does link have a brother?

Link has no known siblings, his only confirmed family is his uncle in A Link to the Past, his mother in Ocarina of Time, and his father in Twilight Princess.

What Zelda games do you get epona in?

The following games you can get epona in Legends of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Adult Link) Majora's Mask (Adult Link) Twilight Princess Four-Swords Adventure (But only once in this game)

Who is Link's wife on Ocarina of Time?

Well, Link doesn't really have a wife on Ocarina of Time.. But he has a "pretend wife" on there.. It's Princess Ruto the Zora.

How does twilight princess happen hundreds of years later after ocarina of time in the legend of Zelda?

In every Zelda game, Zelda and Link are usually completely different from other Links/ Zeldas.

Who does all the sounds or plays Link in Zelda Twilight Princess?

Link's voice actor in Twilight Princess? His name is Akira Sasanuma I think...

How old is Zelda in Wind Waker?

Princess Zelda is about 17 years old but if you want to know how old she is in Twilight princess that's a whole different story.Princess Zelda is in her early 20s