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You can not just switch to a salt pool by just adding salt. You need the salt generating equipment to do that. Complete instructions accompany salt systems that you would purchase.



Not true, anyone can add salt to soften the water, make it more buoyant etc...just as a water softer. 3000-4000 ppm.

And you can always add Chlorine for sanitization....liquid or granular.

and or floating tablets also have stabilizer to help the chlorine last longer.

The problem with any salt generator is it requires the filter to be on for 8 or more hours a day...a long time and electricity!

so you CAN do without the expense of a generator and still have a salt pool.

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Salt water generators remove the sodium from the salt returning pure chlorine to the pool. The purpose is to remove the need to add chlorine bleach or pellets to the pool. The recommended salt loading is often stated by the manufacturer of the system. the amount of water that needs to be circulated for the system to work is actually less than what the sand filter requires. Water softening is NOT a function of this system. If you want a softener an anion/cation softener could be set up but it's not necessary. By adding chlorine to the pool by this method the chlorine content is more evenly dispersed, and less chlorine (salt) is actually needed than what the pellet system uses. Cost effectiveness may be negligible due to increased electrical costs. Generators need to be replaced every 3-5 years due to loading of the ion exchange.

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Q: Per 1000 gal of water how much salt do you add to a swimming pool to switch to a salt system?
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