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Q: How did napoleon's conquest of Europe affect the European colonies in Latin America?
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How did Napoleon's conquest of Spanish colonies in the Americas?

He didn't have a conquest in North America.

Why did the US want to prevent European colonies in the Americas?

to prevent European countries from regaining colonies in Latin America

What crop was not grown in the eastern hemisphere prior to European conquest of Latin America?


How did Spain's conquest of central Mexico and the Andes shape European competition in the America's?

America has brought change to the world. This is something that Spain, Mexico and European could not do.

Who were the first European people to build colonies in America?

the Spanish

What was one way that European countries increased their wealth and power?

establishing colonies in North America

One result of the European conquest of Latin America was that in Latin America?

Spanish and Portuguese are the main languages and Christianity is the main religion.

Which European nations had colonies in latin America?

Spain, France and Portugal.

What major European country did not create colonies in North America?


When did European countries begin establishing colonies in central America?


How did European monarchs rule their colonies in Latin America?

they killed the aztecs

What European nation had the most colonies in South America?

united kingdom