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Q: How did the war start because of the rise of the nations?
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What factors led to the rise of totalitarian leaders after World War 1?

The rise of nationalism was the main factor. This rise in nationalism was brought about by economic collapse in defeated nations. The economic collapse was due to the conditions set in the Treaty of Versailles, which gave the defeated nations weak governments. It was thought this would prevent them from becoming powerful enough nations to be able to start another war.

What is a summation of the rise in nationalism that helped lead to World War 1?

The rise of nationalism led to the first World War because nations and the people in them wanted to fight for and protect their own countries. Nationalism is what led the Austrian's to declare war when Archduke Ferdinand was killed.

How did hitler start World War I?

I dont think he did, but it would be something to do with the german nations- World war 1 was started because of Russia and America, but if the German nations got involved, then Hitler would be mainly affected because his mother was from America and his father although German, had American family.

Why was the rise of dictators cause for concern from other European nations?

They felt that dictators would lead their nations to war against their neighbors.

Did rise of militarism in Japan start world war 2?


The rise of independent nations in Asia and Africa after World War 2 illustrates the?

decline of European political dominance

How did world one war start?

World War I started in 1914. It directly started because of the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on June 28, 1914. This war started because of a number of alliances that caused nations to declare war on each other.

Why did china's economy start declining?

Because the Opium wars left China in debt and they had a hard time recovering.

What international organizations existed before the United Nations?

The League of Nations existed before the United Nations but fell apart with the start of the second World WAr.

World War I was unavoidable?

Yes, with the rise of nationalism in Europe, large armies, and alliances between various nations, it was just a matter of time before Someone started a war.

Why wasn't the League of Nations part of the World War I?

This is because Utah rebelled against Canada which is why the league of nations wasn't part of world war 1

What is the us states for the Liberty Bell?

the bell that was rung one time to start the nations war