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Q: How long did it take for chopsticks to spread around the world?
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How did Hinduism Spread throughout the world?

Hinduism is spread by the president of the united states long ago he met them and told them they could go around the world and spread there culture.

When did origami spread across the world?

how long has origami been around

How long did it take wheat to spread around the world?

Well when the little birdies pooped it out about 20 billion years

How long does it take to make chopsticks?

Chopsticks vary in length from a few inches for the smaller individual use ones to the ones used in cooking that can be a foot and a half in length.

How did early people spread around the world?

They walked (over a long time period) when the sea levels were much lower) and in polynesia they sailed in dugout canoes.

Where Were Chopsticks Originally Made?

So far, the earliest evidence of a pair of chopsticks, made out of bronze, was excavated from the ruins of Yin near Anyang Henan dated roughly 1200 BCE, but twigs, bamboo stems, and so on, would have been used as tongs - chopsticks - for handling food and other objects all over the world. long before recorded history.

What utensils do Chinese use for food?

The two main chinese eating utensils are chopsticks and spoons.....thanks for reading!!I am sooooo happy for somebody to read it!!!!!=)....!!!!!! The two main utensils are the Wok for cooking and Chopsticks for eating, stirring, mixing ingredients etc.

When did the flu come about?

Flu has been around as long as man has been around. The Flu virus is spread by humans and by birds.

What is the length of Korean chopstick?

The standard length of Korean chopsticks is usually around 24 centimeters (9.5 inches). However, lengths can vary slightly depending on the design and manufacturer.

When did sports become so popular?

Since a very very long time basically the Japanese started playing soccer and it got spread around the world and it soon got very popular

How long did it take for it to spread across the world tango music?

it didn't spread fully in remote areas but when it first originated it took 256 years

How will the world end if it does tomorrow?

The world will not end tomorrow. The world is going to be around for a long, long time.