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They're worth... a lot Clari...

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Q: How much are French francs c. 1939 through c. 1943 worth today?
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How much is 50 french francs from 1886 worth in today's currency?

50 French Francs = 10.3 USD

What is 300 french francs worth in euros?

300 French francs (now phased out) would be worth 45.73 euros (1 euro = 6.55957 francs)

Are french francs worth anything today?

Older French francs might have some collector value, depending on specific dates and denomination, but the franc has been out of circulation since France switched to the euro.

How much is 36000 francs worth in US dollars worth?

36,000 Swiss francs = 33,740 US dollars. There are no French/Belgian francs

What is francs converted to dollars?

No longe legal tender. They may have collectors value.

What is 100 francs from 1942 worth in American currency?

in 1942 there were the French and the Swiss francs. Which one are you refering to?

How much you would 5000 French francs from 1880 be worth today in euros?

5,000 French francs from 1901 would be worth about 19,000 euros at the end of 2013, according to the inflation calculator in link. There are a number of them, but there isn't any that is going back to before 1900 (that also seems the limit on the national French statistics body - INSEE)

How much money is 5 francs in american money?

Well, depending on whether you are after Francs - The french currency still used in French Polynesia and French Pacific, but not France itself, would be worth $1.01... However, if you're after the Swedish Francs, that would be worth $5.05. Hope that's helpful.

How much is 2 francs worth in us dollars?

There is no French frank

How much is a 1949 Belgium 5 francs worth today?


How much was 18000 french francs worth in dollars in 1952?

The conversion rate is 214 francs to 1 usd, therefore, 18,000 francs would equal $84.11 usd.

How much is a Frank?

Several nations use or used francs (please note spelling). The best known was the French franc, which used to be worth about 10 to the British pound. The French now use the Euro, as does most of Europe. The other francs have widely differing values.