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Q: In World War 1 How women contributed to the war effort and describe how their status in Canadian society changed as a result.?
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Did the atomic bomb change canadian society?

The creation of the atomic bomb changed both Canadian society and global society. With this development, the tension of world affairs was elevated because of the threat of atomic warfare. Canadians contributed to the creation of the bomb by providing supplies (plutonium and uranium) and conducting crucial research. For Canadian society, these developments raised both moral and political questions that centered on the handling of atomic bombs.

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Chinese immigrants have made significant contributions to Canadian society in various fields such as cuisine, culture, technology, and economy. They have enriched Canadian culture through their traditions, festivals, and arts and have also played a crucial role in shaping the Canadian economy through their entrepreneurship and investments. Furthermore, Chinese Canadians have contributed to the diversity and vibrancy of Canadian society by promoting understanding and appreciation of different cultures.

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