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The Tudor Dynasty ruled over England.

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Q: The Tudor Dynasty ruled what country from late 1400s to early 1600's?
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When was Tudor dynasty created?

Tudor dynasty was created in 1485.

What dynasty was King Henry VIII part of?

He was part of the Tudor dynasty

Where was the court of the Tudor Dynasty located?

The monarchs of the Tudor Dynasty had numerous palaces all throughout England.

What was Henry VIII sername?

His surname was Tudor. The Tudor dynasty ended with Elizabeth I.

What number Tudor monach was elizabeth 1?

The fifth and last of the Tudor dynasty.

What family of rulers were Henry Viii and elizabeth i a part of?

The Tudor family.

Should Tudor have a capital letter?

Yes, "Tudor" should be capitalized as it is a proper noun referring to the Tudor dynasty in English history.

Which dynasty reigned after the Tudor dynasty?

The Stuarts. the Tudor dynasty ended when Elizabeth I died unmarried and childless, leaving no heir to succeed to the throne. She was thus succeeded by the King of Scotland, James I, whose family name was Stuart.

How do you use dnasty in a sentence?

A dynasty is a succession of rulers from the same family or line. eg The Tudor dynasty in England began with Henry Tudor, who became Henry the Seventh after the Battle of Bosworth.

English dynasty that ruled from 1485 to 1603?

Tudor dynasty! its a heartbreak this was not on wiki answers before me </3

Did Tudor houses have gardens?

Tudor houses often had extensive gardens. The Tudor dynasty was extremely wealthy, grandiose, and ostentatious. King Henry VIII was the most wealthy of the kings of England. He was a Tudor.

Who was the ruler of the tudors?

The first monarch of the Tudor Dynasty was Henry VII.