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Q: What 4 nations divided Germany after World War 2 and occupied it?
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What country was divided into two nations after World War 2?

Germany was divided in West Germany and East Germany. West Germany was an independent democracy. East Germany was a bloc state of the USSR.

Why did Japan remain a unified country after World War two?

After WW II Germany was divided into East and West Germany because it had been occupied by all of the allied powers, including the USSR, and the USSR turned the part of Germany that it occupied into a Soviet satellite state. In comparison, Japan was occupied only by the US, and therefore there was no reason for it to be divided.

The four powers that divided and occupied Germany?

After World War II was over, the Allied troops occupied Germany and divided it into four sections, each one controlled by one of the four powers. The four Allied powers were the USA, the USSR, Britain, and France.

What 4 nations occupied Germany during world war 2?

The Soviet Union, Great Britain, France and the United States.

Was Norway occupied in Germany?

Yes. Norway was occupied by Germany in World War II.

Was Sweden Finland and Germany occupied by Germany in World War 2?

Sweden was not, as it was neutral. Finland was not, but it was an ally of Germany. Germany obviously was occupied by Germany.

Which central power lost most of its land after World War 1 and became divided into two nations?


What European country was divided into two separate nations after World War 2 and reunited again in 1989?


What city was divided east and west by a wall?

Two major cities were split in the Cold War between east and west:Berlin -- West occupied by Democratic West Germany and East occupied by Communist East GermanyJerusalem -- West occupied by Israel and East occupied by Jordan

What currency was used by Germany during World War 2?

German Reich Marks of the Third Reich (The NAZI party). They were used in the occupied nations too.

What European countries were involved in World War 2?

Almost all of continental Europe was involved in World War 2. Many nations were invaded and occupied by Germany. Germany, France, England, Italy, and Russia were all combatants.

What 4 nations divided Berlin and Germany after World War 2?

Great Britain, France, USA, Soviet Union