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Q: What New World product has been responsible for the most deaths of Afro-Eurasian The native people had never been exposed to European diseases and had no immunity since its introduction to the Old Wor?
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How did contact with European explorers and exposure to diseases affect the native American population?

The native population was drastically reduced by the introduction of Old World diseases. The exact percentage is unknown.

Which was not a result of European colonization of latin America?

One of the results of European colonization of Latin America was the introduction of new diseases, such as smallpox, which devastated indigenous populations. This had a significant impact on the demographic makeup of the region.

What were the consequences of the Europeans?

The consequences of European exploration and colonization included the introduction of diseases to indigenous populations, the establishment of new trading networks, the exploitation of natural resources, and the spread of European cultural and religious influence.

What was the impact of the European exploration to the Americas?

European exploration of the Americas led to the Columbian Exchange, where goods, cultures, and diseases were exchanged between Europe and the Americas. This resulted in the introduction of new crops, animals, and diseases to both continents, transforming societies and ecosystems. Additionally, European colonization led to the displacement and exploitation of indigenous populations.

What saved the first Americans but eventually killed more Americans than any one thing?

The introduction of European diseases, such as smallpox, saved the first Americans from European conquests as they lacked immunity to these diseases. However, over time, these diseases spread throughout the Americas and caused significant devastation, killing more Native Americans than any other single factor.

Did European explorers have an impact on the Inca?

Yes, European explorers, particularly the Spanish conquistadors led by Francisco Pizarro, had a major impact on the Inca Empire. Their arrival in the early 16th century led to the downfall of the Inca Empire through military conquest, diseases, and forced colonization. The introduction of European diseases, such as smallpox, also significantly reduced the Inca population.

What migration was caused by English settlement in the Carolinas?

Part of the Tuscarora migrated to New York due to European settlers in North Carolina following the Tuscarora War. The introduction of European diseases and being captured and sold into slavery also contributed to the Tuscarora migration.

What was the effect of European exploration on south Americas?

European exploration of South America led to the colonization of the region, resulting in the introduction of new diseases, exploitation of natural resources, establishment of plantation economies, and the decimation of indigenous populations. It also led to cultural exchange, the spread of Christianity, and the blending of European and indigenous cultures.

The introduction of vaccines to the United States helped by?

The introduction of vaccines to the United States helped by reducing the incidences of deaths by many diseases.

What was the most significant cause of death among the Native Americans after the Conquistador landed?

The most significant cause of death among Native Americans after the arrival of the Conquistadors was the introduction of infectious diseases, such as smallpox, measles, and influenza. The Native American population had no immunity to these diseases, which led to devastating outbreaks and decimated their populations.

who was the first scientist to suggest bacteria is responsible for many diseases?

Who was the scientist who first suggested that the bacteria are responsible for many diseases of humans and animals

The Aztecs and Incas had no resistance to?

European diseases