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Q: What did the events of tianamen square symbolize to the world?
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What did the events at Tiananmen Square symbolize to the world.?

chinese oppression

What did the events of tiananment square symbolize to the world?

That the people of China wanted freedom. My favorite picture is of a single man standing in front of a stopped tank. This picture says it all. Look for it online it is worth seeing. It is an iconic photo.

What is a largest city?

The largest open urban square in the world is Tianamen Square. It is located in Beijing, China

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What is the world's largest public square?

Tiananmen Square, at the center of Beijing, China, is the largest public square in the world, measuring 440,000 square meters, or 4.7 million square feet.Now Xinghai square in Dalian, China. Area 18,900, 000 square feet or 1,760,000 square meters completed 1997 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the city

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World War I, World War II, and the moon landing are major world events.

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