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Q: What factor allowed Europeans to conquer vast portions of the world?
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What was the factor keeping Europeans out of interior Africa ubtytue late 1800s?

All of the above

What fact caused Africa to be more easily conquered by the Europeans?

THEY COLONIZE AFRICA BCAUSE THEY HAD MORE MONEY AND STUFF THE COULDNT AFFORD^^^Firstly, this question is misleading because it wasn't "easy" to colonize Africa. They colonized Africa, possibly catalyzed by the internal oppression (religious, gender, etc.) within Europe during that era in history. There was wide spread greed and corruption which spilled over into the continent of Africa. It was the first leg in the Trans-Atlantic Enslavement.Another possibly reason was the ego-centric culture of the [ancient] Europeans. At the time, most europeans were [still] ignorant to the full histories and cultures of Africa. They still thought the world was flat, for crying out loud./They incorrectly credited the Greeks with the foundation of civilization. This was because the Greeks incorrectly credited Socrates, Aristotle, Plato and others (not before condemning and exiling them for bringing and teaching foreign ideals to Greece). Indeed they get credit for founding civilization in Europe, but those very first Greek philosophers received their knowledge of mythology, philosophy, science, etc. from the ancient Egyptians of Africa./It's 2012 AD, let's stop teaching our children fabrications, half-truths and lies.

One that actively contributes to an accomplishment?


What was an important factor in the conclusion of the peace negotiations was the?


What factor do you think had the most impact on the outcome of the Revolution?

I think Civil War

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What was a factor that allowed European nations to extend their control over Asia and Africa after 1800?

The Europeans had military advantages such as superior weapons

What factor motivated outsiders to conquer regions of north Africa?

men and woman

The most devastating factor brought to the Americas by the Europeans was?


Which factor most hindered the efforts of both napolean and Hitler to conquer Russia?


Why was Persias standing army an important factor in rapid growth?

because the army can fight and conquer

Which factor was the most important in aiding Spanish success in the Americas?

The most important factor in aiding Spanish success in the Americas was their superior military technology and tactics, which allowed them to conquer and subjugate the indigenous populations. Additionally, the spread of diseases like smallpox, which devastated native communities, also significantly contributed to Spanish dominance.

What factor allowed France to join in the scramble for colonies in the New World?

Perhaps the most important factor that allowed France to join the 'scramble' of New World colonization in the Age of Discovery was the 1598 Edict of Nantes. Establishing a real if also shaky peace after years of war in France between Catholics and Protestants, the Edict was followed by the establishment of a variety of French colonies in the Americas -- and daring explorations of as yet uncolonized portions of the New World.

What is a push and pull factor for Europeans in new France?

A push factor for Europeans in New France was political and religious turmoil in Europe, leading them to seek stability and opportunities in the colony. A pull factor was the promise of land ownership and economic prosperity through fur trading and agriculture in the new settlement.

The single greatest factor that caused the destruction of Native Americans after contact with Europeans was?


How was geographic luck a factor for Europeans to colonize Africa?

by being o crac k

What was the factor keeping Europeans out of interior Africa ubtytue late 1800s?

All of the above

What is the least common factor of 425 1000 and 180?

Assuming that 1 is not allowed as a factor, the LCF is 5.