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Q: What is the short or long term cause of world war 1?
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What is the diffence of a long term cause and a short term cause?

A long term cause is something that lasts a longer time and a short term cause is something that lasts a shorter time.

What are the short term and long term consequences of ozone depletion for Antarctica?

Short term can cause personal problems. Long term can cause global warming.

Is the arms race long or short term cause of ww1?

Long Term

Which long-term cause directly influenced a short-term cause?

Lincoln's election

What are the differences between short term and long term cause of the revolution?

What revolution?

What is the difference between long term and short term effects?

The difference between long and short term causes are..... short term cause is the main reason for somthing being the way it is for a little while and soon people get over it. Mainly, a short term effect is how something immediately affects about something.. long term cause if somthing happens and it is very prolonging all for that one cause and is carried out for a very long time. A long term effect is an affect thatwill happen later in the future.. there is also the continuous effect, which starts and does not end until you get rid of the somthing. . so there is short term effect, long term effect and continuous term effect

What were the short term triggers cause by Charles you?

I think the long terms are the things that happens

Is mumps long term or short term?

long term mostly but in some short term

The memory on the motherboard is short term?

it can be long can be short term depends if it is RAM is short term..while ROM is long term....

Would the election of Lincoln be a long term cause or a long term cause?

a long term cause

Is toxoplasmosis short term long term?

short term

Is unemployment long-term or short-term?