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Paragraph development

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Q: What is the single most important problem that should be addressed in this paragraph during global revision It's really not that hard. I know several people who have built houses. Some of them were simple houses, but one was really nice. It had a........?
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What is the single most important problem that should be addressed in the introductory paragraph during global revision mean?

The correct answer is Paragraph Development

What is the single most important problem that should be addressed in the following paragraph during global revision An atom is made up of three components. The first component is the proton , which has a positive charge.?

The lack of clarity and coherence in the paragraph is the most important problem to address during global revision. The paragraph could be improved by providing more context or introducing the other components of the atom to help the reader better understand the topic.

What is the single most important problem that should be addressed in global revision?

Climate change is the single most important problem that needs to be addressed on a global scale. Its impact is far-reaching, affecting ecosystems, economies, and societies worldwide. Addressing climate change requires collective action and cooperation among nations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate its effects.

What is the single most important problem that should be addressed in the?


What are the background of the problem?

The background of a problem refers to the context, history, and factors that led to its existence. It provides an understanding of why the problem is important and why it needs to be addressed. Understanding the background of a problem helps in developing effective solutions and strategies to resolve it.

Why do people say more importantly instead of more important?

The word importantly = adverbThe word important = adjectiveBoth adverbs and adjectives are expressed in degrees.Example adverb:positive = importantlycomparative = more importantlysuperlative = most importantlyExample adjective:positive = importantcomparative = more importantsuperlative = most importantExample uses:A problem more importantly addressed as soon as possible. (adverb, modifies the verb 'addressed')You must decide which is the more important problem. (adjective, describes the noun 'problem')

How can crime problem be addressed in Nigeria?

Nuke the country

What did the Bohr model addressed the problem of?

The Bohr model addressed the problem of decaying orbits of the electrons, which was a problem with the Rutherford planetary model. If electrons are located in discrete energy levels, their orbits do not decay, and the atom does not collapse in on itself.

How can the problem of electrical spikes be addressed?

Surge protectors/protection

What type of problem-and-solution organization does this paragraph use?

The problem-and-solution organization used in this paragraph is the "cause and effect" type. It presents a problem and explains the resulting effects or consequences, followed by a proposed solution.

Write the report on communicatiom and the ethecal context?

in report the first paragraph about identification of problem and in second paragraph tell me about the findings of problems and in last tell me about the recommendation of problem

How are paragraph blocks useful in problem-and solution essays?

explain a problem at length and identify components to a sloution