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Q: What role did the Balkan countries play in World War 1?
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What three things have played a role in starting World War 1?

The murder of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was very very important. There was also the balkan problem Then there was the tangier crisis and the agadir crisis. Also the different countries kept on making different alliences which made the other countries feel threatened.

What role did military leaders play in South American countries?

They played a not nice role for the people.

What role did appeasement play as a cause of World War 2?

The Axis Powers rolled their military forces through countries. Politics were swept away.

What role did foreign countries play in the revolutionary war?

need help

Where does most of the world's oil com from?

Most of the world's oil comes from the Middle East region, particularly from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Iran. These countries have significant oil reserves and play a major role in global oil production.

What role did nationalism play in cold war?

Nationalism did play an important role in the cold war. There are certain individuals who offered to work as spies for their countries.

What do petroleum rich countries in Southwest Asia play a key role in the world's economy?

they give a lot of gasoline and fuel to cars, produce energy and heat homes.

Balkan state involved in World War 1 outbreak?

The Balkan state that played a great role in the outbreak of World War 1 was Serbia. It was under the control of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time, and a group of separatists murdered Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary while he was visiting Sarajevo. This sparked a chain of events that culminated in the outbreak of World War 1.

What role did Muslims play in europes revival of learning?

an intermediary role in world trade

What role did Venice play in the Renaissance?

Venice main role during the Renaissance was trading with foreign countries and improving the knowledge of the citizens.

What role did nationalism play in World War 2?

Nationalism caused World War II. The Axis nations were all convinced of their superiority over other people and countries. They invaded countries without warning and subjugated the citizens, whom they felt were inferior and undeserving of equal status.

What country did antisemitism play an important role in the rise of totalitarianism?

Two countries. Germany and Russia.