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Q: What was the worst death toll since world war 2?
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Death toll World War 2 Britain?

The total death toll for the United Kingdom in WW2 was 450,400

What was the death toll in Ww1?

The Death Toll Was Around 20,000 Each Day And At The End Of World War 1 Around 6,000,000,000 Death's

What is the worst hurricane disaster in 2017 and what was the total death toll?

Hurricane Harvey, the costliest hurricane as of today

What was the US death toll for World War 1?

According to the United States Department of Defense the death toll was 116,516.

What was the death toll in World War I?

The deth toll of world war 1 was about 18million and 7 dead military and missing.

What was the death toll for Europe after World War 2?

a lot

Why did some people believe that ww II was the last good war?

Because it was the largest in scale and death toll. The victorious also stopped the worst enemy of all time. The Western World was preserved.

What was the British Death Toll in World War 1 or World War 2?


What was the death toll for world trade center bombing in 1993?


Which nation had the highest death toll in world war 2?


What was the death toll of the earthquake in Haiti?

the death toll is 230,000

What is the worst famine ever?

The worst famine ever was the four famines in China during 1810-1850. These famines (which are usually grouped together as one famine) had a death toll of over 45,000,000.