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Yankees; Army of the Republic; Blue Belly's; Union Army.

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2010-02-05 11:28:25
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Q: What were northern soldiers called?
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What were the northern soldiers called during the Civil War?


What were northern soldiers who remained in the south after the war called?


What were the northern and southern soldiers called?

The northerners were called Rebels or Johnny Reb .... Southerners were called Yankees or Billy Yank .

What were the northern soldiers called?

If you are reffering to the Civil War they were called the Union Army. They were also known as Yankees. Yankees

What was the name of the north during the civil war?

The Union, the Northern soldiers were called Yankees., and confederates were called Rebels.

What was the nickname for Northern soldiers during Civil War?

The Northern soldiers nicknames were the Yankees or Yanks.

Are there still soldiers in Northern Ireland?

Yes there are still British soldiers in Northern Ireland; but not as many as there used to be.

What were the northern soldiers in the civil war called?

union, yankees, blue bellies, the enemy, Lincoln's hitmen

How did slaves react to northern soldiers descending upon their plantations?

The slaves tried to resist the northern soldiers descending upon their plantations.

How many confederate soldiers died at the battle of the wilderness?

11,400 confederate soldiers and 18,400 northern soldiers

What were soldiers from the north and south called during the civil war?

Confederate states and the union states The northern soldiers were simply called the Union (which was also the name describing the northern states), while the southern soldiers were called Confederates (after the name that described the states that broken away in 1861, the Confederate States of America.) EDIT: The soldiers of the North were known as the Yankees. They were often referred to as "Billy Yanks" by their enemies from the South. The soldiers of the South were known as the Rebels. "Johnny Rebs" became their nickname by the Union armies of the North.

Men in the northern army were called union soldiers while those from the south were known as?

Confederates, Rebels, Southerners, Gray Coats.

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