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Francis A. Schaeffer.

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Q: Who said if society has no absolutes then society becomes the absolute?
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What did Thomas Hobbes say about absolute rulers?

Thomas Hobbes believed that absolute rulers were necessary to maintain order and prevent chaos in society. He argued that a strong central authority was needed to keep individuals in check and prevent them from acting in a self-interested or destructive manner. Hobbes believed that without a powerful ruler, society would descend into a state of war and insecurity.

Who said power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely in Animal Farm?

This quote was said by Lord Acton, a British historian, in a letter he wrote in 1887. It reflects the idea that individuals who have complete authority are more likely to abuse their power. In "Animal Farm," this sentiment is exemplified through the character of Napoleon, who becomes tyrannical once he gains absolute power on the farm.

Is Oman an absolute monarchy?

Yes, Oman is an absolute monarchy under the Said lineage.

Who is head of Oman?

Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said is the absolute ruler of Oman.

Which absolute ruler of France said 'I am the state'?

King Louis XIV said this.

Matter that becomes smaller when it cools is said to?

it's said to contract.

What is the name of the sociologist who said that GOD is society divinized?

EMILE DURKHEIM is the sociologist who said that GOD is society divinized.

Who are thevillains in spider-man 4?

Wolverine (it is said he becomes crap and in the end he dies) Wolverine (it is said he becomes crap and in the end he dies)

Who becomes Hokage after naruto?

Konoharmaru.He said it.

Two-thirty in the afternoon is a measure of?

The answer is absolute time. 'Nuff said.

What the leaders power of Oman?

The leader, Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said has absolute power in every respect.

Who said If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes the truth Was it Goebbles?

What Goebbels said was that if you repeat a lie often enough people believe it, not that 'it becomes the truth'.