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Q: Why did France Spain and England have some many conflicts between them during the 1600s in the 1700?
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Who was France's minister to the US who tried to recruit supporters for France during the war between England and France?

the holiday tradition is mardi gras

What was the wars impact on france and england?

One impact from the wars on France and England was the settlement to new land that opened up.

What war was Joan of Arc in?

She was captured during the Hundred Years' War between France and England.

During the Hundred Years War what young girl was responsible for helping drive the English out of France?

The Hundred Years' war was a series of conflicts between England (House of Plantagenet) and France (House of Valois). The war started in 1337 and ended in 1453. During this war Joan of Arc a young girl who supported uncrowned king Charles VII to drive English out of France.

England and France fought in how many wars between 1682-1754?

England had been involved in three wars with the French during between 1682 and 1754.

What wars was England involved in during the 15th century?

During the 15th century, England was involved in several wars, including the Hundred Years' War (1337-1453) against France, which had already been ongoing for over a century. In addition, England experienced internal conflicts such as the Wars of the Roses (1455-1487), a series of civil wars fought over the control of the English throne between the Houses of Lancaster and York.

Who did Alexander Hamilton support at the start of the war between England and France?

It depends on the war in question as there were several conflicts between the British and French during Hamilton's brief life. If the question is asking about the French entree into the American Revolution (i.e. the start of war between England and France in 1778), Hamilton was probably not enthusiastic about French assistance, but he would have swallowed his pride and realized that any help for the American Rebel Army should be well-received. As a result, he would have supported France. If the question is about the conflict between England and France during the French Revolution of 1790, Hamilton supported England since he saw many more cultural similarities between the nascent United States and England than he did with France. Additionally, English-US trade relations were much better than French-US trade relations. Since the northern states relied heavily on such trade, it was natural for Hamilton to support England over France. This caused further division between Hamilton (and his party the Federalists) vis-a-vis the Democratic Republicans like Jefferson and Madison who supported the French over the English.

What is Argenis?

Argenis is a book by John Barclay. Originally published in 1621, it is about the conflicts in France during the reigns of Henry the Third of France and Henry the Fourth of France.

During the war period of 1793-1807 between England and France American merchants?

enjoyed a huge increase in profits for exports.

What were England France and Burgundy fighting over during Joan of Arc's campaign?

They were fighting over the control of France. England wanted to annex France, France wanted the British out of France and the monarchy of France restored.

What body of water separated England from the rest of German-occupied France during WWII?

The English channel separates England from France.

Which country's colonist claimed the mississippi river basin for their nation?