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Q: Why was world war 1 so much more destructive than earlier conflicts?
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What explains one of the reasons World War 1 was so much more destructive than earlier conflicts?

Armies used advanced weaponry developed during the Industrial Revolution.

Which of the following explains one of the reasons World War 1 was so much more destructive than earlier conflicts?

Answer this question… Armies used advanced weaponry developed during the Industrial Revolution.

How is her motivation for this destructive act different from her motivation for taunting miss lottie earlier?

Her motivation for the destructive act may have stemmed from a deep-rooted anger or frustration, while her motivation for taunting Miss Lottie earlier may have been more light-hearted or intended to amuse herself at the expense of someone else. The destructive act could be a manifestation of darker emotions compared to the more casual teasing of Miss Lottie.

Which is more destructive thunderstorm or cyclone?

Cyclones are generally more destructive than thunderstorms. Cyclones are intense storms characterized by strong winds, heavy rain, and storm surges that can cause widespread damage and flooding. Thunderstorms, while powerful in their own right, typically do not reach the same level of destruction as cyclones.

What is the comparative of destructive?

more destructive than

Is it possible that there will be a WW3 due to North and South Korean recent conflicts?

Yes it is possible the Korean conflicts could cause a world war, but so could the conflicts in the Middle East and any conflicts with the Chinese that may arise. It is more probable a world war would be fought over the Middle East which has the most oil being sold world wide. The world is dependent on that source of oil.

Why was world war 2 so destructive?

World War II was the most destructive war in human history, first of all, because of the number of nations involved. Nations on nearly every continent took part, and its conflicts were waged on most of the world's land, seas, and air spaces. Another cause of the great destruction was the sophistication of the weapons involved, which never before had been utilized in war.

What are some major conflicts of interests happening around the world?

Conflicts of interest do occur on a global level, but typically they are found more in the private sector-namely, in business. However, one of the biggest conflicts of interest happening in the world is the United States interest in the Palestine-Israeli conflict.

How is World War I differ from earlier wars?

its differ bc world war 1 was more important

Why was World War 2 more dangerful than World War 1?

the world war 2 was more destructive because more countries participated in ww2 than ww1 and also many destructive weapons were developed after ww1 and at the end of war their was a nuclear attack also.

Which decade were there more cold war conflicts in Europe?

The fifties had more conflicts regarding the Cold War in Europe.

Why are surface waves more destructive to building than p waves or s waves?

they are more destructive because they are on the suface and because they are slower