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Q: Why were Europeans able to grow crops successfully in the New World?
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Why did Europeans generally buy slaves from slave traders rather than capturing the slaves themselves?

Africans were generally able to hide from or defend themselves against Europeans.

Why did Europeans generally buy slaves from slave traders than capturing the slaves themselves?

Africans were generally able to hide from or defend themselves against Europeans. [APEX]

Why were European nations able to conquer large parts of Africa?

Europeans possessed more advanced military technology.

When the Spanish encountered native peoples in the New World the main reason the Europeans dominated was .?

Europeans were able to dominate the Native Americans because they were mostly meeting with people who had a subsistence type of existence. They adjusted to changes in weather, over worked fields and other elements by moving from place to place. The European culture was more acquisitive, and the Europeans looked for ways and means to provide a consistent living through trade of furs and other commodities for things they needed for survival. Besides the basic seeds and stock, Europeans brought over items to sustain the early startup of their civilization. Europeans took over open lands that the Indians were not using seasonally, causing disruption in the lives of the natives.

How did the invasion of Normandy affect the world?

Western Allied troops were able to reach Berlin about the same time as the Soviets (Russians) did. Resulting in a future cold war of EAST and WEST Berlin. Had the allies NOT landed successfully, the Russians (Soviets) might have had Berlin all to themselves.

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What are the goals of the Laeken Declaration?

The goal is that they (Europeans) would be able to successfully rebuild Europe.

Why weren't Europeans able to successfully enslave Native Americans on large scale?

because the natives died off due to disease

What was life in west Africa before the age of europeans exploration?

west africans were able to fish in rivers and grow crops

What best summarizes why European nations were able to successfully colonize regions in Africa Asia and the Americas?

The Europeans had well organised and well armed forces. The people they conquered usually didn't.

How do you plant crops on virtual villagers2?

To plant crops in Virtual Villagers 2, select a villager with farming skill and drag them to the farming area. They will start planting seeds automatically. Make sure to have enough food and water available for the crops to grow successfully. Harvest the crops when they are fully grown to feed your villagers and sustain their population.

Why were Europeans able to continue exploring but the Chinese were not?

They WERE able, they chose not to.

Who was the second person to circumnavigate the world?

Francis Drake, 1577-1580, led second expedition to successfully circumnavigate the world, and the first expedition to do so successfully under one leader (Magellan had died before he was able to complete his circumnavigation).

How were Europeans able to become leaders in world trade and extend their influences across the Atlantic?

Christopher Columbus voyage for a sea route to Asia

Can Sudan able to successfully trade internationally why or why not?


How were Europeans able to get jobs in America?

They went there and applied for them.

Why were the Europeans able to dominate?

They were the first organised area.

How does the land have to be to be able to grow crops?